FEMProv is an all female improv class.  The class focuses on creating a safe space where women can connect with each other, build their confidence, make choices, and have fun. We work through real life issues by playing specific improv games that focus on being in the moment and connecting with others.

Location/Times/Contact: TBD


“I am a recovering sex addict and alcoholic – sobriety has been a constant struggle to find out who I truly am without the sex and the booze.  I signed up for Allison’s improvisation class in hopes to discover more of who I am and hopefully to gain some confidence.  This class took me out of my comfort zone EVERY time we met – I had to learn how to rely on things aside from my sexuality to define me and to bring humor.  I was constantly challenged but through these challenges, I found a deeper understanding of who I want to be and through that, have gained confidence in myself.  I would not trade my time in this class for anything. ” – anonymous

“I came into Allison’s class with fears of not being able to think on my feet. I’m an incurable self critic. But she taught me that improv is not about performing or being judged, but trusting yourself and your scene partners. We were all equal and in it together. I was actually able to see what she meant by “there are no mistakes.” She created a safe environment that was kind of like group therapy – only sillier, and even more healing.”- anonymous