Yes, And…Recover

Yes, And…Recover is an improv class designed for individuals in recovery.   This class teaches confidence, connection, and how to have fun without using. This is a specialized class that is taken into recovery centers in the state of Tennessee.

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“As primary counselor of Cumberland Heights Extended Residential  alcohol and drug treatment program for men, one of my key tasks was helping my patients drop the walls they’ve spent years building up to protect their insecurities, fears, and doubts.  Group members range in age from twenty-one to sixty plus years. They are an eclectic mix of wealthy and poor, college educated and those who hope to get their GED.   Allison Summers’ Improv Comedy therapy groups always helped my patients overcome their differences and build trust with each other that would have otherwise taken weeks.  The exercises and games she introduced to them encouraged creativity, helped them overcome personal insecurities, and build teamwork. Because of her intimate knowledge of the recovery process and experience with Improv comedy, her groups consistently helped the men internalize recovery principles such as surrender, acceptance, willingness and rigorous honesty.  Most important of all, the men learned they could be silly, have fun, laugh, and take chances while completely sober!  It was life changing for them.”

Stan Bumgarner M. Div. Spiritual Director

Cumberland Heights Residential Treatment Center